Wax Dipping

I am offering wax dipping of woodenware on a LIMITED BASIS.  




I'm dipping a lot of my own equipment this year and intend to do several batches.  It takes about 8 hours of burning propane to get my tank up to 250° F, so once it gets there I run as much equipment as I can.  This is why I do batches, and why you'll be subject to my schedule. 

The wax I'm using is a 50/50 mix of paraffin and microcrystalline.  These waxes have a higher melting temperature than beeswax, so on a hot summer day the boxes won't sweat or get tacky.

Wax dipping heats the wood itself up to 230-240° F, which boils out water and air inside the wood, allowing wax to be sucked into the wood grain.  When done, the wood is waterproof.  Water beads up on it and rolls off.  Wax dipped boxes can be painted, but don't have to be.  Unpainted boxes will age naturally and gradually turn a grayish color, similar to old barnwood.  After several years boxes can be dipped again if necessary.

If you're interested in having equipment wax dipped, contact info@duckriverhoney.com for more information.


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